Common Speedating Myths

So there’s a lot of mystery surrounding Speedating these days. We’ve all seen Speedating featured in movies like the 40 Year Old Virgin and Hitch - sometimes it’s represented accurately (Hitch) and other times not so much (40 Year Old Virgin) ~ though the speedating scenes were hi-larious!

Speedating is one of those forms of dating that is relatively new and undiscovered. I like to think of Speedating as the next big thing – think the next “online dating” - only it's safer and with a time limit ! Of course with many things that are new and not yet mainstream , there are myths surrounding it – some true and some false. And that’s why I’m here – you can just call me a ‘Dating Mythbuster!’

Myth #1:
Only Great Looking People Do Good at Speedating

Despite what you might believe, just because you are good looking doesn’t mean you’ll get the most dates when Speedating. When Speedating, you have to remember that looks will only get you so far. Remember that guy or girl you met who was eye candy – but  then he/she turned into the most boring person you’ve ever met? Same rule applies. In Speedating, while appearance is an important factor, your demeanor and ability to hold an entertaining conversation go further then a set of double D’s and a perfect face. If you can wow a guy or girl with your sparkling personality in 5 or 6 minutes then you’ll be an excellent Speedater!

Myth #2:
Speedating Doesn’t Work for Shy People

Speedating is challenging for many  people – shy and outgoing alike. but the rewards make it worth the try! Many people use Speedating as a way to break out of their comfort zone –

Myth #3:
Only Losers Go Speedating

Yeah, only losers can hold entertaining conversations with 10-12 people per night and leave favorable first impressions. If you can’t tell, I’m being sarcastic. As I recall, people used to say the same thing about online dating - and online dating is now the largest dating outlet in the world.

Myth #4:
Speedating is Just Another Fad - Some New, Gimmicky Way to Make Money Off Singles…

Speedating has been around longer than many forms of dating. It’s history dates back to the days of Jewish matchmaking….

Myth #5:
Speedating is Expensive

A guy friend once told me he’ll never go Speedating because he refuses to pay to meet women. Of course he said this while sitting at a bar - and he had just bought a girl and her friends a round of drinks. Catch my drift?